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 The Advisory Council of Indian Health Care (ACOIHC), established in Fiscal Year 1990 pursuant to ARS 36-2902.01, consists of 23 members who serve staggered two year terms. Twenty (20) members are appointed by the governor of the State of Arizona.  The remaining (3) representatives from, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and the Department of Economic Security (DES), appointed by the respective directors of each of these departments. 

Pursuant to a statutory requirement, the Advisory Council meets a minimum of six times per year. The election of a chairman and vice chairman is held on the first Monday in October of each year. 

In carrying out this goal, the Council’s objectives are to:
  • Develop a comprehensive health care delivery and financing system, specific to each Arizona Indian Tribe that uses Title XIX funds and builds on currently available private, state, and federal funds.
  • Develop Title XIX demonstration projects, specific to each Arizona Indian Tribe, both on and off reservation in cooperation with this State and the Federal Government.
  • Facilitate communications, planning and discussion among Tribes, this state and federal agencies regarding operation, financing, policy and legislation relating to Indian health care.
  • Recommend and advocate Tribal, State and Federal policy and legislation that supports the design and implementation of health care delivery and financing systems specific to each Arizona Indian Tribe.


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